We offer competitively priced Flood Insurance to 99%+ of UK properties. We have access to the very best Flood Insurance and Flood Re Insurance solutions. We help you to compare the policy and price of Flood Risk Insurance in one place and then buy the cover that you need.

Flood Re Insurance is the Insurer and Government backed approach to making sure people that live in flooding risk areas can get competitively priced insurance. In practice Flood Re Insurance means low excess from around £250 is achievable alongside sensible policy costs.

Specialist Flood Insurance remains competitive against Flood Re. Excess payments are usually higher than Flood Re Insurance but the cost of the policy can be significantly less. By comparing the two specialist Flooding Insurance schemes, you will be well informed to make a decision on which is best for you.

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The Flood Company design, install and maintain flood mitigation products for commercial and residential clients. As a specialist in flood protection, The Flood Company is dedicated to providing clients with high quality products to mitigate their loss in the event of a flood, including UPVC and wooden flood doors, barriers, steel doors and gates and valves. The Flood Company have teamed up with The Home Insurer to provide market leading products which are recognised by the insurer. By installing The Flood Company products you demonstrate to your insurer you have taken measures with quality flood mitigation products, which can reduce your premiums and excess, so call us now on 0800 999 5355 or go to www.thefloodcompany.co.uk.