Land Insurance

Our Land Insurance

Land Liability Insurance is needed if you own a plot of land. There are many perils associated with land, including being sued by people who injure themselves on your land (whether they were permitted to be there or not), damage from falling trees and branches; or even people falling into a lake or pond that crosses your land and injuring themselves.

We offer Lloyds of London underwritten Land Insurance for development land, undeveloped pasture, grazing, woodland, private roads, rough country, gardens, moorland, paddocks and much more.

We can cater for rights of way insurance across the land and also deal with underground power cables or water tanks. We can extend liability to cover stable blocks and buildings in good condition (this does not include rebuild, only public liability).

Land Insurance prices start at £96 for the year for £1-million cover on pastureland, woodland or grazing land. Call 01832-735388 now for a fast land insurance quotation and to go on cover immediately.